Disability Insurance In Tewksbury MA

Disability Insurance In Tewksbury MA

A solid financial plan starts with your ability to earn an income. That’s why your income might be your most valuable asset – even more so than your house, car, or savings – and why it’s so important to help protect your income. While it’s not something people want to think about, seven out of 10, Americans say they’d face financial difficulties within a month without an income** if they were sick or injured and can’t work.
There’s an option that can help you protect your financial future. It’s called Mutual Income Solutions.
Mutual Income Solutions helps replace a portion of your income if you’re sick or injured and can’t work. Here are some of the most important things in your life that the coverage can help protect:

  • Your home
  • Your personal savings
  • Your retirement
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your family
  • And your income

Income Protection

Income Protection When You Need It Most

Life Can Change in an Instant* It was on a busy day for Travis Guthman from Lowell MA—typical of one so many parents have—that Travis juggled driving and arranging a meet-up for his son. While he had pulled over to read the text, he decided to answer it while driving back home. That’s when distracted by his phone, he hit a concrete footing on a narrow bridge—a route he had taken hundreds of times before.

The accident landed him in the Lowell general hospital with a shattered pelvis and other injuries so severe that it has taken him almost two years and countless surgeries just to be able to walk with the help of a leg brace. During this time, he hasn’t been able to work and admits the family would have lost the pizzeria it owns if it hadn’t been for the disability insurance that his insurance professional helped him put in place.

The monthly payment from his disability insurance has allowed the Guthman family to pay their ongoing bills and expenses and keep food on the table.

“Without disability insurance we would have been in a world of hurt. You think it will never happen to you, until it does. Disability insurance has been a huge blessing for our family.

Disability insurance can help protect your income and provide a foundation for a financial plan.

Here are answers to some disability insurance questions you might have:

Who needs disability insurance?

Disability Insurance is not just for people who work in high-risk jobs – everyone risks disability, including the self-employed, professionals, business owners, and even stay-at-home parents. Disability coverage can be purchased as an individual policy or through your employer if it’s offered as an employee benefit.

What disability insurance covers. The disability coverage typically offered through employers provides only a portion of your salary if you become disabled and cannot work. By purchasing additional disability insurance on top of what you get through your employer, or purchasing disability Insurance separately on yourself in Lowell, Tewksbury, Andover, Dracut, Billerica, Boston, Waltham, Lawrence, Haverhill MA.