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Neighborhood Parcel declares this month as a Document Clean Out Month! Time to clear the office clutter and remove your old documents, tax filings, and Medical files safely and securely.

When taking into account your office expenses, you are paying for more than just the workspace. The costs involved in storing a large number of old documents and electronic records in your storage space, are an expense you’ve probably never considered. Not only does this take away from valuable office space, but if it’s discovered documents are being stored improperly, there may be legal costs involved.

Purge Old Documents, Regain Your Storage!

It’s never a positive work environment when desks are cluttered and unorganized with endless documents. It’s also a huge security concern for any size business. This way of working is usually discouraging employees, and the mess can, unfortunately, lead to lower productivity levels. Failing to dispose of company sensitive files in a timely fashion can turn into a compliance violation issue; a situation no Boston business wants to deal with. Bottom line is, if old documents are no longer of relevance or if they have reached the end of their lifecycle, they must be securely shredded for data protection. Any data found in documents or on tapes and hard drives could present a dangerous threat to your company in case of a breach. Get started today by calling Neighborhood Parcel Shredding Service at (978)636-0301

Location: Neighborhood Parcel 1215 Main St, Tewksbury, MA 01876

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