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Introducing a document shredding service plan for Billerica MA area residents and businesses: Every business and household collect and store private information in form of billing statements, invoices, credit cards, memos, mail and much more.  However, not every business protects this information properly as required by federal, state, and local regulations.  The Federal Trade Commission provides guidelines such as HIPAA,  FACTA, and GBLA  that businesses must now abide by. Protect your business reputation and your customer’s private information with our secure shredding services. We offer solutions for every size business and household in Billerica MA. From frequent shredding to one-time document purge, you can count on our secure and convenient services to keep your business compliant with the law and your private information out of the reach of the wrong hands.

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Billerica Document Shredders

Billerica Business owners, Do you have an employee that manually shreds your documents? May seem to make sense for some small Billerica MA businesses. However, you still run the risk of exposing confidential information. In addition, you may be spending more money with your in-house shredding. Choose a shredding service that cares! All the paper that we shred is recycled 100% Including the cardboard boxes. We have recycling in mind in everything we do from paying our invoices to utilizing the latest technology to reduce carbon emissions of our trucks and shredding plant. It is more than a good feel exercise, we are in it because we care about recycling and reducing waste. We can help Billerica Massachusetts residents and businesses shred and recycle all your documents while saving them a lot of money over the other big corporations.

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Hello, I usually don’t like writing comments on the web, but I was so impressed with your company that I made an exception. I just want to tell you how happy I am with your service. The driver was very helpful, the truck was on time and my documents were securely loaded into the truck and gone in minutes. I can now use my garage space for my car. I wish I knew how easy shredding was. For years I was afraid it was going to cost an arm and a leg, but thanks to Neighborhood Parcel for helping me declutter my garage and keeping my budget in line. I highly recommend this service to all residents in Billerica MA.

Mrs. Roberta Young Billerica MA

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100% Paper Recycling

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All Major Credit Card Accepted