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Looking for a reliable and secure shredding service in Leominster MA? Document shredding services for Leominster, Massachusetts, and surrounding communities have gained popularity in Leominster MA as identity theft has grown as a money-making venture in the criminal underworld. In the past, organizations and businesses would treat sensitive documents with casual disregard and toss them in their recycling bin or fire stove. Often documents such as tax records, bank statements, old credit card receipts, and other business documentation would be routinely discarded in the trash or recycling bins. This will make identity theft easy and most importantly for business, it could result in fines and financial penalties.

Today, most of your old documents are worth money to the wrong people. Even documents containing information that doesn’t immediately come to mind as valuable could be highly attractive to your business competition. Your company research, marketing strategies, patent information and trade secrets documents, even old emails are all targets for competitors and dumpster divers.

Leominster Shredding Company

Leominster Shredding Company, We Make The Difference

Neighborhood Parcel provides comprehensive document shredding services for Leominster, Massachusetts, and Middlesex County Massachusetts as well as southern New Hampshire. We shred more than paper: we also shred computer disks, storage tapes, hard drives, and other electronic data storage devices. We can render anything containing important or sensitive information useless at the fraction of the cost others charge in Leominster.

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Al K Leominster MA

I had to toss my personal shredder in the trash, the piece of junk was overheating every minute and driving me crazy. I knew there gotta be a better way! I saw your trucks on Route 2 and took your number and I am glad I did, the best I call I ever made! Prompt and affordable option to shred old documents.

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