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Tewksbury MA Notary Public Location: We are a one-stop shop for notarizing important legal documents. Once your documents are notarized, copy and send them where they need to go and save time and money. Convenient location near Tewksbury Public Library. We offer flexible hours and dependable service. Some of our services are: administering oaths and attesting to signatures, both important and effective ways to minimize fraud in legal documents. We have two main duties that remain consistent from state to state. Perhaps the most important duty is attesting to signatures on documents. This duty is important because it aids in minimizing fraud; signature attestation must be done in a face-to-face setting.

What Can Notary Public Do In Massachusetts

  1. Witness Signatures on Cori Forms, Divorce Decrees or any legal documents.
  2. Administer Oaths.
  3. Certify a Copy of documents.
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Great location that can handle all documents services including overnight mailing, I am able to make copies, get them notarized and overnighted by FedEx all in one place. I highly recommend for people on the run.

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