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Neighborhood Parcel Announces New Witnessed Shredding Service

Neighborhood Parcel Announces New Witnessed Shredding Service

Witnessed Shredding Service

Neighborhood Parcel of Tewksbury MA, announces the launch of its newest service plan scheduled for early 2017. The Witnessed Shredding Service is due to debut in early 2017, where Neighborhood Parcel customers can drop-off their old personal documents, medical X-rays, Old Credit Cards and CDs to be shredded in real time.

Our customers demanded this level of security for years, we listened and we will deliver our Witnessed shredding service in early 2017 where our customers cut watch their documents being shredded in front of them for the extra peace of mind that comes from knowing that their confidential material is shredded to dust!

Said Hanson Bechat CEO of Neighborhood Parcel

Confidential documents need to be handled with utmost security, watching it shredded in real time will ensure that nobody will have access to the data. Our industrial Cross-Shredder will cut every piece of paper into thousands of micro pieces that will be later bailed and recycled.

Paper shredding service

Why Witnessed Shredding

Neighborhood Parcel specializes in shredding documents for business and government organizations. However, we do offer extended services to residential clients in the Boston MA and Southern New Hampshire Metro areas for witnessed drop-off shredding service. Confidential and sensitive information that you would like completely destroyed you can come to our location in Tewksbury MA and drop off any amount of material and witness it shredded and recycled. Shredding Rates from $1.49 /Lbs with minimums starting $75.00.

We do the majority of our shredding in our AAA rated plant and office location in Tewksbury MA. Our Plants and trucks are equipped with security cameras so you can see your confidential documents being shredded at our locations. Not only do we offer unmatched security and certainty of destruction, but we offer it at an incredibly reasonable price. We charge a flat rate of $15.00 per standard size (10″ x 12″ x 15″) file box for our witness shredding services. This rate breaks down to an average of 50¢ per pound. Compare that price to most Mobile Shredding company retailers who charge $0.95 to $2.50 per pound, and only offer non-witnessed drop off services. We want to make your choice to use our service as easy as possible.

Where Can I witness My Documents Being Shredded

Your documents are so confidential that it is necessary to witness their destruction in real time and in front of you. Many people wish to witness the destruction of documents if they contain important information like personally identifiable information, financial statements, or credit history. Witnessed shredding is actually a common request, most of our clients have been asking for this level of service for years and nobody in the Boston area could offer it without charging an arm and a leg! That is why Neighborhood Parcel shredding company have made it extremely convenient for you to witness the destruction of the documents at their convenient location in Tewksbury MA.

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Having my documents shredded in front of me only took 10 Mins, my personal shredder would have taken days to shred. I am happy I found this place and glad to recommend to anyone who is looking for secure shredding that is done in front of them at a reasonable cost. The staff is very helpful and accomodating., The rates are fair, no gimmicks and no bait and switch. I have been using this company since 2012 to shred my small business records and I trust them to handle all my documents securely. You should too

James Kanza Andover MA

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