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Support Your Tewksbury Restaurants

Support Your Tewksbury Restaurants

The article is the compliment of ‎Ralph Giandomenico‎:

“I threw this together to help out the restaurants in town and to have them all in one spot. I am not sure if all these places are open for takeout. I apologize if I missed anyone or if the info is incorrect”

Support Your Tewksbury Restaurants! Eat Local!

About Tewksbury Business Directory

Tewksbury Business Association is now supported fully online through our business directories and websites, a 501C3 Not For profit organization that lives to promote the business community. We are a Free Alternative to Yellow Pages, and Yahoo Business Directory. What we do: We help promote local Small Businesses In Tewksbury MA, advocating for stronger Business Development in Town to build the local economy and help grow our community. Who we are: Tewksbury Business Directory is Sponsored in Full by Neighborhood Parcel a community shipping center that does more than shipping! This directory was created to help support the locals find Tewksbury Businesses and help grow the local community

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  1. Christine Chesbrough‎ wrote on Facebook: Restaurants that are opened/closed. Unless it’s indicated not sure on delivery. Comment if you know anyone that is opened/closed and I will add it and delete your comment after.
    Open (take out only)
    Deli King
    Wicked Cheesy (also does make your own pizza-expanded delivery )
    The Pizza Bar
    Cafe Sicilia
    Main Street Pizza
    Pizza Mia
    Al Frescas
    Anthony’s (curbside and no contact delivery
    Pizza Ba
    Longhorn (take out)
    99 (curbside to go only 11 am to 8 pm)
    Angelina’s (2 pm to 8 pm pick up or delivery)
    Crackerbarrel (order online or call in -pick up )
    J&B Butcher (has meats you can cook and other grocery items. Sells Tripoli frozen pizza just heat up)
    Pinatas (take out and delivery)
    Bobby and Jack’s
    Luna Rossa
    Saffron Grille (opened for catering)
    Jon Ryan’s Pub
    TJ Callahans

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