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Learn about our Paper Shredding Services in the Boston MA area. We play a very important role in protecting our natural resources. Recycling paper allows us to recover waste paper and turn that waste stream into useful products. We are pleased to report that 100% of our waste stream is recycled. We never use landfills to dispose of our waste. Paper recycling not only saves trees, but it also saves oil, energy, water, and saves significant landfill space. A paper recycling program is something that every responsible business should be involved in. Our shredding service program is very simple and requires very little time. Our shredding service company can develop and implement your Boston MA paper shredding program.

Residential Document Shredding Service

For medical practices and doctors offices, we offer HIPAA compliant shredding service that will keep the practices in compliance with State and Federal laws. PHI protected documents need to be handled with utmost care and a plan should be in place to protect patient’s data and X-rays in order to avoid hefty HIPAA fines. For years, Neighborhood Parcel has been helping clients in Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, Somerville, Malden, Medford, Revere, Everette, Charlestown, Worcester, and Wilmington save on the shredding service of their medical records.

We Keep All Your Secrest Safe

We can shred your old records, files, statements or media at a fraction of the cost others will charge you and often cheaper than having to buy your own shredder and waste valuable time in front of while it jams, overheats and fills your office and home with dust and unnecessary noise. Call us Today (978)636-0301 and leave the shredding to us!




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